Have you been hijacked?

Many people Iíve met arenít even aware that theyíre using a browser when theyíre surfing the Web. I donít think that this is stupidity on their part, simply a difference in priorities. For them, in their lives, itís just not important to know that theyíre using Internet Explorer, odd as that sounds to those of us who live, eat and breathe this stuff for a living. For them itís just a part of their computer and their way of accessing the Web. Itís important to know, though, that Web browsers are an avenue of frequent attack from the outside, and that browser hijacking is one of the risks.

Browser hijacking happens whenever an outside source reaches into your computer through your browser and changes its settings, or disables your antivirus program, or prevents you from reaching an antivirus providerís Web site on the Internet. Or, it may introduce strange, often pornographic links into your favorites or bookmarks file or set those Web sites up as your home page. Browser hijackers can even modify your computerís registry so that even if you set everything straight, the hijacking will start right back up again when the computer is rebooted. Hijackers can also redirect where youíre going, so that when you type in ďKPCnews.com,Ē for instance, youíll end up going somewhere else entirely ó again, often a porn site. News-Sun, Evening Star & Herald-Republican

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