Security Experts Warn of Drive By Pharming Attacks

With traditional pharming, an attacker redirects a user from a legitimate Web site to a bogus Web site that contains malicious code. Pharming attacks can be executed by either changing the host file on a victim's PC or manipulating a domain name system (DNS) server.

Drive by pharming takes this strategy one step further, and, according to Indiana University, up to 50 percent of home broadband users are susceptible to such attacks.

In the new scheme, when a user visits a malicious Web site, an attacker is able to remotely change the DNS settings on the broadband router or wireless Relevant Products/Services access point and reroute requests for legitimate sites -- like online banking sites or financial institutions -- to bogus sites designed to steal login information. NewsFactor Network | Security Experts Warn of Drive-By Pharming Attacks

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