The Dangers of Default Passwords

Stroll through any neighborhood with an open laptop in hand and you will probably notice your machine automatically connecting to various wireless Internet routers that local residents have set up. If you are given a connection that allows you to surf the Web, chances are very good that you can also assume control over the same network that gave you the access.

In my experience, few people who operate wide-open wireless networks -- those unprotected by even the simplest encryption technology -- ever bother to change the default user name and password needed to reconfigure the router. Perhaps consumers who operate open networks aren't terribly worried about their neighbors "sniffing" the ambient wireless airwaves for passwords and other sensitive data. But it may be that a person running a router under the default factory settings has more to fear from a malicious Web site than a local interloper. The Dangers of Default Passwords - Security Fix

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 17th February 2007 9:29PM