Now you just have to look at rogue website...and hackers can steal your bank details

Broadband users have been urged to change the default passwords on their routers or risk making their bank details available to cybercriminals. Computer scientists have identified a technique that could allow hackers to steal bank details by hijacking a home broadband connection.

The technique, in which thieves guide home computers to fake a bank website, is being called “drive-by pharming” because all that is needed is a fleeting visit to a rogue site. The criminals set up a website containing a single line of malicious code that operates whenever the page is viewed. Unlike “phishing” attacks, the victim does not have to click on any link or download any files. Now you just have to look at rogue website . . . and hackers can steal your bank details-News-Tech & Web-The Web-TimesOnline

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 23rd February 2007 7:08PM