An Interview With Encryption Advocate Phil Zimmermann

Phil Zimmermann has been an advocate of using technology to protect privacy for many years. He created Pretty Good Privacy, an email encryption program, as a tool to protect human rights. He figured that encryption was a way for people in totalitarian countries to escape government spying. He released it for free in 1991, but the U.S. government accused him of violating export control laws, which at the time restricted the use of strong encryption because it could help criminals evade law enforcement.

After the government dropped its case in 1996, Zimmermann founded PGP Inc. Network Appliance bought that company in 1997. In August, 2002, PGP was acquired by PGP Corp., where Zimmermann still works as an advisor and consultant. I spoke with him at the recent RSA conference in San Francisco. An Interview With Encryption Advocate Phil Zimmermann On Privacy, Anti And VOIP Encryption - Tech Talk with Dean Takahashi -

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