Kaspersky Report: Targeted Trojans Will Plague 2007

The Trojan's takeover of the malware world will extend well into 2007, as wide spread worm epidemics continue to be replaced by targeted attacks on specific companies. And the fate of Microsoft's new Vista operating system, how widely it's adopted this year and how well hackers do probing its coding largely will determine the security landscape for this year.

These are just a few of the many findings from the Kaspersky Lab reports, which document last year's battle with worms, viruses, Trojans and spam, while also looking ahead to gauge what the coming security storm will entail for 2007. Last year's story, the rise of the targeted Trojan attack, also will be a large part of the story for this year, according to Shane Coursen, a senior technical consultant with Kaspersky, a security company based in Woburn, Mass. Kaspersky Report: Targeted Trojans Will Plague 2007 - Technology News by InformationWeek

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