How to Enable Processor Based Security

At last PCs operating under Windows have a security level similar to that used by high performance servers. This technology known under names that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, such as NX (No eXecute), EVP (Enhanced Virus Protection), XD (eXecute Disable), or DEP (Data Execution Protection) allows the processor itself to detect when a malicious code (such as a virus or a Trojan horse) is attempting to run and automatically disables such code, "drowning" the virus. In this short tutorial we will teach you how to enable this feature.

This technology works creating separate areas for the execution of programs and for data storage in the RAM memory of the computer, If a code in the area set aside for data storage tries to run, the processor understands that as something suspicious and prevents the execution of the code. How to Enable Processor-Based Security | Hardware Secrets

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