Anti Malware: Calling Off the Watchdogs

Like a lot of bank IT administrators, Brent Rickels had his fill of the spam and spyware deluge that has increased tenfold since 2002. So he did something about it for First National Bank of Bosque County (TX) last year: He chucked all of the bank's anti virus software.

Rash, perhaps, but it was not counterproductive. Rickels and FNB's technology committee were acting in concert with the rollout of new type of protection scheme for the desktop PCs at the $85 million institution. Rickels felt he could more effectively guard the systems with a new anti-malware software that whitelists administratively approved programs with run permissions, but restricts any unknown and unauthorized executables from springing to life-inverting the standard AV neutrality allowing everything to run except for known vulnerabilities that are plugged and patched by vendors' AV labs. Bank Technology News | Anti-Malware: Calling Off the Watchdogs

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 1st March 2007 1:26AM