Vishing: Dialing for Dollars, Part II

Vishing scams start with an email lure that asks the recipient to call a specific 1 800 number to settle some matter with his or her account. The numbers usually are connected to an automated system that asks the caller to key in data from a credit card the 16 digit account number, the expiration date and the three digit security code on the back.

This new Bank of America scam has the same elements, but its execution is nearly flawless (unlike the majority of previous vishing scams Security Fix has seen, which either bungle the voice mail system or use a lure full of poor spelling and grammar). It informs the recipient that his account has been suspended because it was used to purchase "obscene or certain sexually oriented goods or services." Vishing: Dialing for Dollars, Part II - Security Fix

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 9th March 2007 1:09AM