Tor hack proposed to catch criminals

The Tor network--a distributed system of computers that anonymizes the source of network traffic--has a slew of beneficial uses: Human-rights workers, the military and journalists all use the system. However, the anonymity of Tor has also attracted seedier elements as well: digital pirates, online criminals and, quite possibly, child pornographers.

Now, one security researcher aims to make the distributed network less of a haven for the shadier side of the Internet.

HD Moore, the lead developer of the Metasploit Project, has created a rough set of tools that allows anyone operating a Tor server to attempt to track the source of network data. Moore originally created the software to block file sharers from eating up his computer's bandwidth, but soon targeted potential child pornographers who appeared to be using the network, he said. Tor hack proposed to catch criminals

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 9th March 2007 1:12AM