Should Apple be making fun of Vista UAC?

Windows Vista UAC (User Account Control) has an additional security feature called Secure Desktop that hardens the UAC privilege escalation prompt, but some people seem to be upset with this feature because they say it's annoying. Apple has even gone as far as making a new TV commercial out of it with "PC" being bossed around by a scary looking man in a black suit nagging him on each word but is this really an accurate assessment?

I donít really care how many times people say "oh but UAC bothers you for no reason" because itís simply not true. Anyone who says that hasnít used Vista and they donít really know what theyíre talking about. Vista and Mac OS X (as well as any version of UNIX) will ALL prompt for privilege escalation any time you try to install software and thatís how desktop operating systems should work. Windows XP and prior didnít have graceful mechanisms for handling privilege escalation and they forced you to log out and back in if you wanted to run without administrator mode so not very many people implemented it. Ľ Should Apple be making fun of Vista UAC? | George Ou |

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 19th March 2007 11:40PM