OSX Malware not taking off yet

Today we know of over 236,000 malicious malware items. These are mostly meant for the MS Windows environment. Only about 700 are meant for the various Unix/Linux distributions. Current known Mac OSX malware count is even less with 7, so pretty much non existent at the moment. For older builds of the MacOS there are 69 known malicious items, with an additional 8 items for MacHC that used hypercard script extensions which had to be manually installed as an addon package.

Malware writers tend to write for systems that are the mostly widely used. With Microsoft Windows being dominant in the desktop market it is clear why the most malware is written for it. Also, prior to Vista, the various Windows versions were pretty much wide open, full access, making it relatively easy for malware to abuse. Computer Security Research - McAfee Avert Labs Blog

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 23rd March 2007 1:01AM