Microsoft's search excels in spreading malware

Everybody knows that Windows Live Search, Microsoft's little search engine that could, lags far behind Google and Yahoo! in the race to capture eyeballs. Here's one place where the software juggernaut's offering leads the pack: referrals for sites that actively try to infect end users' machines with some of the vilest malware known to man.

To see for yourself, type "veicolo commerciale noleggio" into and watch what gets returned. The first result (at the time of writing, anyway) is for a site at, which uses a Javascript to redirect users to another site. This second site actively tries to install several varieties of malware, in some cases the nasty Trojan known as Rustock. This return is just one of many malicious referrals makes when entering the above search term, which is Italian for "commercial vehicle rental." Microsoft's search excels in spreading malware | The Register

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 23rd March 2007 1:07AM