No Mercy To Sploggers

"Splogging" hit the front pages recently due to a complete breakdown in control at Google's BlogSpot service. Always looking for a new way to offend people, spammers have discovered blogs, but it goes back further than the BlogSpot abuse, and the future isn't pretty.

The issue with BlogSpot was that their process for setting up a free blog was easy and probably scriptable. As a result you end up with clowns like this (I hope that link is down by the time you read this; it's a bunch of gambling spam blogs). Special Report: WeblogsWhy would someone create such a blog? Because by being aggressive with keywords you can trick indexing services like Technorati and Pubsub into linking to them. Great! Now your meta blog reports are as worthless as your Hotmail account. No Mercy To Sploggers

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 24th October 2005 10:03PM