Top 12 OS X Tiger Security Issues

In what has been billed one of the safest operating systems of all time, Mac's OS X Tiger has become a fan favorite among Mac users for its bells and whistles and UNIX based architecture. From power user to newbie, Tiger provides both comfort and security for all OS X users.

However, to provide such scalability, Mac decided to leave Tiger in a fairly insecure default configuration. Consequently, we've prepared a short guide to bring your copy of Tiger up to speed and protect your data from the various intruders and hackers out there.

Keep in mind this guide was not written for the seasoned Tiger pro. If you fall into that category you might want to skip down to sections 11 and 12. But for those of you who are new to Tiger, this guide will help you optimize your security settings and close up some of the holes the default settings left vulnerable. Top 12 OS X Tiger Security Issues

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