Trojan Roaming Skype Network

Skype users are being hit with a Trojan that using the infected machine to reach out and infect the user's friends and colleagues.

Websense issued an alert on Thursday afternoon warning that the malicious code, known as both Warezov and Stration, is spreading through the Skype network again. An earlier version initially attacked late in February.

Dan Hubbard, a vice president of security research at Websense, said while the Trojan isn't widely spread at this point, it is making its way across the network. While the code itself is not self-propagating, when it runs, a URL is sent to everyone in the user's contact list. If their Skype program is running, a message will pop up, luring the user to click on a link, infecting them and continuing the malicious cycle. Trojan Roaming Skype Network - Technology News by InformationWeek

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 23rd March 2007 1:18AM