JavaScript flaws peril Web

JavaScript coding errors and Web developers who are inexperienced at working with emerging programming techniques represent serious threats to the security of many Internet sites and the people who visit them, according to malware researchers.

Speaking at the ongoing ShmooCon hacker convention on March 24, Billy Hoffman, lead research engineer at Atlanta-based software maker SPI Dynamics, detailed what he views as an epidemic problem in today's online world. SPI markets penetration testing tools used by businesses to ferret out security issues from their online sites and applications.

The proposed threat is centered on the prevalence of JavaScript errors and insecure use of so-called Web services programming languages such as AJAX -- which combines asynchronous JavaScript with XML -- in many popular Web sites and applications. Research from ShmooCon: JavaScript flaws peril Web | InfoWorld | News | 2007-03-24 | By Matt Hines

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