Botnets for sale

On the morning of February 2, 2007, someone launched a distributed denial-of-service attack on Domain Name Service (DNS) servers worldwide, temporarily shutting down 2 of the 13 global databases. However, the Internet, which relies upon a hierarchy of DNS servers to resolve common name addresses (such as into a numerical IP address, was in no great danger.

A previous attack in October 2002 managed to shut down most of the 13 servers for a few hours and produced little effect. There is great redundancy built into the system; common requests (such as are cached on local DNS servers, so the loss of the main 13 DNS servers would not be felt for a few days--and so far, no one has managed to pull off a sustained denial-of-service attack against the DNS servers. Plus, since the attack in 2002, ICANN, the administrators, and the DNS system have implemented a new technology, Anycast, which further buttresses the DNS system.

Now, roughly a month after the attack, ICAAN is suggesting that the attack wasn't just malicious; it was a sales pitch. A sales pitch for a fairly large botnet. Security Watch: Botnets for sale - CNET reviews

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