Eight Faces of a Hacker

You fight against them every day: hackers, attackers, insiders. You know what they do, but not who they are. They are often nameless, usually faceless. You'd like to be able to guess their next move, but that can be pretty difficult when you don't even know what motivates them or why they're attacking you.

Is there a way to "profile" a hacker, the way the police might profile an arsonist or a serial killer? Not exactly. But quietly, a collection of university researchers and law enforcement agencies has been developing a taxonomy of the hacker community, much as an entomologist studies and classifies insects. And police and security experts hope that taxonomy will eventually help them identify and root out the vermin.

"To address the problems created by hackers, it is apparent that we need more than just technical controls," says Marc Rogers, a professor at Purdue University and author of the industry's most widely-used taxonomy of the hacker community. "We also need to start understanding the individuals behind the attacks." Dark Reading - Desktop Security - Eight Faces of a Hacker - Security News Analysis

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