Fear of Phishing Hurts Banks

Do you trust e-mail that claims to be from your bank?

That's a tricky question for a lot of us who are inundated with suspicious e-mail from senders that claim to be Citibank, PayPal, or a financial institution we have never heard of.

It turns out more than half of us are deleting messages from banks and financial institutions without even thinking twice. Experts say recipients who receive these e-mails believe that all the messages are part of phishing e-mail scams.

Phishing messages look like they come from a trusted company, but are actually from identity thieves. Phishers attempt to trick e-mail recipients into clicking on a link, going to a Web page, and providing personal information at a site that pretends to be genuine. PCWorld.com - Spam Slayer: Fear of Phishing Hurts Banks

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