Criminal malware is still prevalent

According to ESET, the top threat positions for March were shared among a broad list of dangerous malware from keylogging software to botnet creation. The latest statistics from ESET's ThreatSence.Net show that criminal malware is as prevalent as always.

Out of the top 10 ranking threats, the Agent.NCC trojan constituted more than 2% of all threats. Detected as Win32/PSW.Agent.NCC, this trojan is used to steal passwords through key-logging.

Second in the ranking for March is Netsky.Q, which reached 1.77% of detection last month. The Netsky family is one of the most prevalentfamilies of malware ever to hit the wild. Still in the top ten more than a year after its initial discovery, Netsky.Q and its relatives show no sign of disappearing any time soon.
Security Park - Criminal malware is still prevalent

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