Spam to overtake human issued emails in 2007

The spam deluge has been drenching email inboxes for years, but in 2007 the Internet cloud looks set to unleash a flood of downright biblical proportions. New research from IDC claims that this will be the year in which spam outnumbers person to person email for the first time. Anyone have a spare ark handy?

Actually, IDC suggests that the "ark" is already here. Users have been migrating to instant messaging (IM) and voice chat (using cheap phone calls or free VoIP clients like Skype) for some time, and e-mail appears to be losing a bit of its luster as spam makes it increasingly unwieldy for business use. Users no longer trust that every message will make it through the various spam filters on the market, especially when contacting a new acquaintance with an important Word document attached. Spam to overtake human-issued e-mails in 2007

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 13th April 2007 12:53AM