Research Suggests Weakness in Anti Phishing Technology

Security experts have warned for some time now that certain anti online fraud technology deployed by many major financial institutions may be lulling online banking users into a false sense of protection. Today, two university researchers released a demo in an attempt to prove that point.

In response to an explosion of "phishing" scams uncovered in recent years and to growing pressure for banking industry regulators, a number of financial institutions -- including Bank of America -- have rolled out services that try to provide additional assurances that an Internet customer is visiting a legitimate banking institution's Web site, not some look-alike fake. Among the most widely adopted of these is a technology called "SiteKey," which industry giant RSA Security acquired last year through its acquisition of PassMark Security Inc. Research Suggests Weakness in Anti-Phishing Technology - Security Fix

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 13th April 2007 12:56AM