Who's behind criminal bot networks?

They have infected perhaps 100 million computers with viruses, turning the PCs around the world into an army of willing criminal assistants known as "bots." They are using those PCs to send out billions of spam emails and make millions of dollars by attacking Web sites and extorting their owners. They have even attacked the core computers that keep the Internet running smoothly. Who are they?

The answer to that question is elusive, but there are a few clues.Today, we examine who is behind these networks of infected computers.

For years, computer hackers typically were precocious, anti-social teen-agers who committed digital violence just to get attention. But computer crime has grown up, and grown into a big business. Now it is used by highly organized gangs to steal millions of dollars. Who's behind criminal bot networks? - The Red Tape Chronicles - MSNBC.com

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