The Mushrooming Menace of Keyloggers

"Most modern keyloggers are considered to be legitimate software or hardware and are sold on the open market. However, there is an ethical boundary between justified monitoring and monitoring for the purpose of stealing confidential user information, a boundary marked by a very fine line," said Nikolay Grebennikov, deputy director of Kaspersky Lab's R&D department.

There may be few things as disturbing to Internet users as the thought of someone spying on them and capturing their every keystroke. Unfortunately, this has been happening more frequently as the use of keyloggers, phishing and spoofing grows.

In 2006, Keylogging was the fastest-growing type of malware in what Kaspersky Lab calls the "TrojWare" category -- and that trend is expected to carry on through 2007, according to Senior Technical Consultant Shane Coursen.

Programs classified by Kaspersky Lab as Trojan-PSWs -- the majority of which are intended to steal user account information from online gamers -- increased at a 125 percent rate, Kaspersky Lab research analysts wrote in "Malware Evolution 2006: Executive Summary," a recent report available at Kaspersky's Web site. Technology News: Viruses & Malware: The Mushrooming Menace of Keyloggers

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