Windows Bug Allows Repeat Invasions

Say you've just recovered from a serious worm attack. You've run your antivirus and adware/malware removal utilities, installed the latest patches, even double-checked to make sure your security and privacy settings are set at high. You're good, right? Maybe not.

Microsoft recently released a Security Advisory (along with an update to Windows XP Service Pack 2 containing the fix) warning about an "unexpected behavior" in Windows Firewall that could let a clever attacker who had broken into your PC leave a back door to the Web unlocked for next time. Only PCs running either XP with SP2 or Windows Server 2003 are susceptible.

Hackers sometimes get into a PC by taking advantage of the ports that Windows uses to talk with the world. Literally thousands of ports are available, but Windows Firewall automatically blocks most of them to protect you. - Windows Bug Allows Repeat Invasions

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 25th October 2005 1:13AM