Uber rootkits challenge security community

Rootkits are rapidly becoming more prolific and more virulent, IT security experts warned today. McAfee reported that rootkits, including malware such as Trojans, worms and viruses that actively conceal their existence at a low level within operating systems, are becoming more prevalent and more sophisticated.

The security firm warned that rootkit techniques will continue to challenge the security community as hackers create more potent and more virulent strains.

"The number of rootkits submitted to McAfee Avert Labs in the first quarter of 2007, compared to the first quarter of 2006, has decreased by 15 percent demonstrating that we are getting better at capturing existing families and existing techniques," said Jeff Green, senior vice president at McAfee Avert Labs. Uber-rootkits challenge security community - Security - www.itnews.com.au

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