NY Teen Hacks, Infects and Dissects AOL

A New York teenager with a grudge has admitted to hacking AOL, getting into its internal networks and databases, planting a Trojan, and spear phishing 60 accounts out of AOL employees and subcontractors all because "they took away my accounts and wouldn't give them back."

The Manhattan District Attorney's office has filed charges against 17-year-old Mike Nieves for first-degree computer tampering, second-degree criminal mischief, computer trespass, criminal possession of computer-related material and unauthorized use of a computer. AOL says the trespassing and tinkering have cost the company over $500,000.

Nieves told the Computer Crime Squad that he not only hacked into AOL because they wouldn't give him his accounts back, he also accessed their internal accounts and network and used them to try to get his accounts back. He also confessed to sending an employee a bot. When his DSL was turned off, he turned to dial-up, he said, and also posted some photos to show off his work on PhotoBucket. Security Watch - Exploits and Attacks - NY Teen Hacks, Infects and Dissects AOL

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