Google: The latest weapon in the dating game

The search engine Google is the latest weapon in the dating game. A quick search can provide a background check on your date or partner and reveal exactly who he or she is. In an age when virtual communities in cyberspace are increasingly replacing real-life ones, the internet is becoming a virtual private investigator, providing warts and all profiles at the click of a mouse.

Googling your date can reveal the good: an interesting career (a solvent high-achiever), a wide range of interests (well-rounded) or long-term membership of a sports club (commitment). It can also reveal the bad: a criminal record, dubious hobbies and, worse, dodgy online photos.

Student teacher Mary* suspected her boyfriend was seeing someone else. She found his Facebook site and expected to stumble across details of an affair. Instead, she found something "absolutely horrifying". "I found some photos of him and some other guys torturing animals, mainly rats and raccoons," she says. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Apparently these guys got some adrenaline rush from it and had a sort of club going on where they would get together and do this." The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: Radar

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