Hackers play hide and seek with Bank of India website

The Bank of India (BoI) website was hacked this week, with hackers planting various types of malware and spyware on the site. These are softwares that infect computers and suck out all sorts of sensitive data, and then send them to hackers. Though, it poses a serious threat to the website-users’ data security, BoI officials were not aware of the hacking event till Friday.

By Friday noon, the market was abuzz with talks about the BoI site being hacked. The news spread through the broking community, which was concerned over any negative fallout since BoI is one of the clearing banks for stock exchanges. The bank has subsequently removed the malicious pages from its site on Friday evening, according to Kuala Lampur-based internet security firm F Secure.

The hacking was first reported on a US-based blog called Sunbelt on Thursday. Related reports were flashed on various international websites thereafter. It was just the website that was hacked into, and it poses no threat to BoI account holders, though, the malware could have affected anyone who visited the site while it was under threat. “We have taken up the matter with our technology-partner and all necessary action will be taken to rectify the matter. In my view, the users will not be faced with any major problems,” said BoI general manager PA Kalyansundar. “However, we are not completely sure that an attack actually happened,” he clarified. Link

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