Another Security Update for Yahoo Messenger

In the second incident in the past week, Yahoo has patched another security flaw in its popular Yahoo Messenger client.

However, exploiting this one requires that an interloper carry out a two-stage attack so to my mind, it's a little less critical than the last one.

That's not to say there aren't black hat hackers/cackers out there who are plenty sophisticated enough to execute multiple exploit programs in a row just to break into your PC. But given that there are so many PCs out there that aren't up to date with patches for existing single-step exploits, why go to all that extra work? We'll get to that point soon enough as the easy holes get plugged, the bad guys will seek out more difficult exploits. It's a pattern we've seen before. Today @ PC World Another Security Update for Yahoo Messenger

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 3rd September 2007 1:15AM