How the Online Trust Model is Broken, The Bank of attack

This is a problem when users are relying on various online Trust brokers to tell them when a site is malicious, either through displaying a certain colour to indicate malicious activity, or through actively preventing the user from accessing the site. One of the better known Trust brokers, SiteAdvisor gives the Bank of India website a clean bill of health. It takes a bit of effort to drill down into the comments before a small link is found, from a user, that points to Sunbelt's coverage of the hack - but the overall rating remains positive.

SiteAdvisor is not alone in trusting the compromised site. Google's Safe Browsing extension for Firefox fails to notice the breach, as does Finjan, NetCraft and PhishTank SiteChecker. It is expected that most Trust broking sites will report that the Bank of India site is still valid.

For critics of the various Trust broking models, this is a clear example of the fatal flaws present in almost all models, that the refresh time on a site is too long to be useful when a surf-by attack on a trusted site can take place in a matter of seconds, with a lifetime of hours, and with a victim base of thousands or greater. Sūnnet Beskerming - How the Online Trust Model is Broken - The Bank of attack

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