McAfee predicts Windows Mobile malware

According to McAfee, hackers will soon begin targeting smartphones such as Windows Mobile devices as the handhelds become more popular and people use them to store larger amounts of valuable data.

While mobile malware attacks have been scarce thus far, and some experts -- including F-Secure wireless security guru Mikko Hypponen -- have predicted that such threats will likely never rival widespread nature of today's desktop viruses, McAfee maintains that as smartphones takeoff more exploit code will be written to target the machines.

All smartphones will likely be assaulted with malware at some point, according to the firm, but McAfee reports that a handful of Windows Mobile design features could lead to the "unintended exposure of device contents" including text messages, e-mail, documents, call records and contact lists, that could leave users of devices running the OS prone to attack. Zero Day Security | Matt Hines and Victor Garza | InfoWorld | McAfee predicts Windows Mobile malware | September 6, 2007 08:18 AM | By Matt Hines

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