Why We Have not Stopped Spam

Even very smart people are misinformed on this subject. Here's a clue: If it were easy to fix, it would have been fixed already.

Several years ago when Bill Gates declared that the spam problem would be solved within two years, he appeared to be thinking of SMTP authentication as the heart of that solution. I wouldn't have said what he said, but I was pretty optimistic too. Not anymore. The overwhelming power of inertia seems too much for any solution to take on. People just won't stand for the inconveniences that fixing spam would bring.

Bill and I may have learned our lessons, but there's a long tradition of smart people looking at the spam problem and deciding that it would be easy to fix if only they were in charge. There's a good example of this on last week's Wall Street Journal op-ed page, of all places. Why We Haven't Stopped Spam

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 12th September 2007 1:06AM