'Iceman' Hacker Indicted For Running Identity Theft Scheme

A California man was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday for allegedly running an online identity theft scheme that nabbed "tens of thousands" of credit card numbers. Max Ray Butler, who also is allegedly known as names such as Iceman, Digits, Darkest, and Aphex, has been involved in what the government claims is a "large-scale criminal enterprise" focused on hacking into computer networks to steal and use or resell credit card and other personal information. In a 16-month investigation run by the U.S. Secret Service, investigators allegedly tied Butler to the Cardersmarket Web site, which he allegedly ran to help cohorts steal information and turn it into usable credit cards, according to the affidavit.

One co-conspirator told investigators he had received "tens of thousands" of illegally obtained credit card numbers from Butler, and regularly 1,000 or more numbers a month, according to the affidavit. 'Iceman' Hacker Indicted For Running Identity Theft Scheme -- Hacker -- InformationWeek

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