AVSystemCare: Attack of the clones?

AVSystemCare uses a clever trick to allow all of its clones to use identical files, but yet have different names. Installing any of these clones involves downloading a small file from the clone Web site. When the user executes this file it will download the main application components. All of the application files, including the files downloaded from the clone Web sites are identical (for clones of the same language).

So, if these files are the same for every clone, then how does the installer know which name to use when installing the application? The answer lies in the userís cookies. After you have visited the clone Web site to download the application, several cookies are stored on your computer. Visiting a couple of clone Web sites shows that these cookies are very similar for each domain Symantec Security Response Weblog: Attack of the clones?

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 19th September 2007 11:18PM