AutoPatcher may be making a comeback

Windows administrators who have missed AutoPatcher, an independent, free patch distribution tool that was shut down by Microsoft, will be relieved to hear it may be making a comeback.

..."There will be no difference as to how you use AutoPatcher, only how you get it."

Previously, AutoPatcher gathered the updates from Microsoft and other sources, then bundled them into one large package, which IT managers then downloaded from the Web site. The new tool will still be downloaded, but once an IT manager has done so -- and chosen which Windows server update package he needs -- the tool will go to Microsoft's Web site and retrieve the necessary patches. AutoPatcher will download the updates straight from the source then gather up all the other patches it has collected from other sites.

After all the updates are downloaded, the tool will then tie them together... AutoPatcher lives

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 30th September 2007 2:01AM