Eulas revisited and why you should read them

Techdirt says "If You Read The EULA, You'd Never Agree To It", and links to a discussion at Slashdot about another article on EULAs. Note, I previously blogged about EULAs and two new tools that help make sense out of the nonsense found in many EULAs. TG Daily posts about some EULAs with interesting terms and translates them into plain language. They include "do not criticize this produce publicly" with examples from Microsoft; "When your computer dies, it's not our problem", (from Windows XP, among others); "We'll make any changes to this agreement we like, and you've just agreed to them", (iTunes); and "do not use this product with other vendor products", (Claria). Eulas revisited & why you should read them | Spyware Confidential |

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 25th October 2005 7:33AM