Rock Phish is behind growing Net fraud

A recent surge in phishing fraudulent email and websites designed to "fish" sensitive personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers is the handiwork of a small, shadowy cybergang, computer security experts say.

Rock Phish, a group of technically savvy hackers who oversee phishing websites and provide tools on the Internet that let others phish, is "the major driving force behind a worsening situation, and they are difficult to track down," says Zulfikar Ramzan, senior principal researcher at Symantec's (SYMC) Security Response Group.

Rock Phish got its name because of its use of the word "rock" in the Web addresses of phishing websites. It is believed to be in Eastern Europe, based on the widespread availability of its phishing tools on websites hosted in that region. Security experts: Rock Phish is behind growing 'Net fraud -

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