Chinese Internet Censorship Machine Revealed

The Chinese government has instituted an elaborate system for Internet censorship that employs tens of thousands of censors and police responsible for maintaining control over the flow of information, a report released by international free press advocates showed.

Entitled "China: Journey To The Heart Of Internet Censorship," the report issued by Reporters Without Borders outlines the inner workings of a bureaucracy that effectively clamps down on dissent, quashes articles the communist government deems unsuitable for publication, and uses online companies to distribute its own propaganda.

The report, much of which is based on information provided by an unidentified Chinese technician who works for the government's Internet sector, was published Wednesday, five days before the start of the 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the nation's biggest political event in five years. Chinese Internet Censorship Machine Revealed -- Internet Censorship -- InformationWeek

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