RBN the Russian Hosting Firm Denies Criminal Ties

Speaking to the Western press for the first time, a Russia based web hosting firm pilloried by security companies as a free zone for online crime insists that it's really just misunderstood.

"We can't understand on which basis these organizations have such an opinion about our company," Tim Jaret of the Russian Business Network says in an email interview. "We can say that this is subjective opinion based on these organizations' guesswork." Jaret's email signature identifies him as working in RBN's abuse department.

Security researchers and anti-spam groups say the St. Petersburg-based RBN caters to the worst of the internet's scammers, renting them servers used for phishing and malware attacks, all the while enjoying the protection of Russian government officials. A report by VeriSign called the business "entirely illegal." Russian Hosting Firm Denies Criminal Ties, Says It May Sue Blacklister

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 16th October 2007 10:37PM