Insight into MPACK Hacker kit

If you thought that running Windows Vista, with the latest virus software and updates installed, and with Internet Explorer or Firefox locked down was enough to be protected on the Internet, you are in the same boat as the rest of us who were wrong. There is a new, high tech attack that is running around the Internet. The new attack is from the MPACK kit... the exploit is so stealthy, it will be finding its way into the United States very soon. There are ways to protect yourself, but if you donít take action, you are most certain to be attacked and infected by the MPACK kit.

A team of Russian hackers developed the kit back in 2006 and have been selling it for $300 to $1000. The kit is very easy to use and can even come with another tool called DreamDownloader. This is a tool that is used for creating downloaders usually sold with MPACK. DreamDownloader is used by simply inputting the URL of the file they want to download and the tool generates an executable file that performs the task. Prepare for MPACK

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 16th October 2007 10:51PM