Research Shows Steganography Threats, May Be On The Rise

Until recently, steganography, the stealth technique of hiding text or images within image files, has mostly been considered too complex and conspicuous to be much of a threat. But some forensics experts now worry that the bad guys are starting to use the tactic more frequently, especially in child pornography and identity theft trafficking.

There are an estimated 800 or so steganography tools available online, many of them free and with user-friendly graphical user interfaces and point-and-click features. This broad availability making steganography more accessible and easier to use for hiding and moving stolen or illicit payloads, experts say.

Security experts to date have mostly dismissed steganography as a mainstream threat, relegating it to the domain of spooks and the feds. Their skepticism has been well-founded: The few studies that have searched for images hiding steganographic messages have come up empty-handed. Research Shows Image-Based Threat on the Rise - Desktop Security News Analysis - Dark Reading

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