Privacy, Keeping your information confidential

Using a modern computer is not what it used to be, computers are now more interconnected than ever before, internet applications have become more advanced and more intelligence is built into applications so installed and live applications gather user information. This information is gathered and reported on periodically, partly with and partly without the user's consent. Some of the information transacted may be confidential and some of the information may have little sensitivity or relevance to the user's identity. The information transacted, however small, has some value and this is why it is transacted.

The act of recording and transacting information is not really the problem. The issues arise when the information is used against the user and or transmitted to a server across the internet and stored in an insecure manner. The confidentiality and sensitivity of the information in question must also be considered, and in many cases isnít. The information is often shared between marketing groups and eventually finds its way into the big bad ad-network or worse still into the hands of phishers and identity fraudsters. Various laws and bills are in place that regulate such data transactions and that rule how the data must be stored and processed once captured.

Computer professionals and users need to take this aspect of computing very seriously as both the reputation and posture of both the user and the organization is at stake. Privacy - Keeping your information confidential

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