How to remove VirusRay (VirusRay Removal Guide)

VirusRay, a rogue antispyware program is installed by Trojans, called Zlob infections, that impersonate audio or video codecs that you are required to install in order to watch or listen to certain media. In reality, though, when you install these codecs they instead download and install rogue antispyware programs on to your computer and display fake security alerts in your Windows taskbar.

When the Zlob infection downloads and installs VirusRay, VirusRay will automatically start and perform a scan of your computer. When done scanning, VirusRay will state that it found Trojans on your computer. The funny thing is that the Trojans VirusRay finds are the actual ones that were used to install it in the first place. In order to remove these Trojans, though, you will be required to purchase the full version of the software. This is obviously a scam and you should not purchase this software under any circumstances.

A component of the Zlob infection is that it will also display fake security alerts in your Windows taskbar. These alerts will state that your computer is infected with malware or that you have some other security or performance problem. These are just another tactic used to scare you into purc-1ing the software and should be ignored. How To Remove Virusray (removal Instructions)

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