How to remove IE Defender (IE Defender Removal Guide)

The IE Defender infection is a Browser Helper Object installed in your Internet Explorer browser that hijacks searches you input into the Google and Yahoo search engines. These hijacked searches will state that you are infected and that you need to install the IE Defender rogue anti-spyware program. You will also receive popups that state you are infected when browsing the web. The reality is that all of these messages and alerts are fake and should be ignored.

Depending on the keyword entered, the first search result will either be a link to the IE Defender home page, or a link to a page that shows a fake security warning and stating that you need to install IE Defender in order to fix it. The second result in the search engine results will be a fake warning stating that Google or Yahoo has detected that your computer is infected and that you need to install IE Defender.

The third result will show a pornographic image next to a link stating it is a video on youtube. In fact, though, if you click on the link you will instead be brought to an unrelated adult site. Finally, the rest of the search engine results will bring you to a site that is currently not working. How To Remove Ie Defender (removal Instructions)

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