How to remove AntiSpyGuard (AntiSpyGuard Removal Guide)

AntiSpyGuard is a rogue antispyware program, that when run, displays misleading and exaggerated results about infections found on your computer. In order to remove these "infections" you must pay for the commercial version of the software. These infections, though, are fake and are placed on your computer by the AntiSpyGuard installation program. None of these files are in fact valid executables, so there is no chance that they can run and affect your computer and are installed on to your computer for one, and only one, reason; to scare you into thinking you have infections and thus purc-1e the full version of the software.

The fake infection files are:

C:\Documents and Settings\[LoginName]\Cookies\syssp.exe

As you can see this software is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. There is a provided Uninstall entry in your Add or Remove Programs control panel, but this entry does not actually do anything other than remove itself from the programs list. How To Remove Antispyguard (removal Instructions)

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