Operation GreenDot, Following the SPAM

Do you ever wonder what is at the other end of the SPAM email that you receive in your inbox? You often see emails advertising cheap software, hot stock tips, and various pharmaceuticals. I think that we have all gotten the v1gra and Cialis emails. One day I decided I would investigate and see just where this little message would take me. So, if you are ready for an adventure, follow me on a virtual trip that will take you all the way around the world. Don’t forget your passport, you will need it.

Our journey begins outside of Washington, DC. I am sitting at my desk, going through my SPAM filtered email, when I see one that catches my eye, “Dreams can cost less repl1ca w4tches from r0lex here”. Sounds interesting I thought, and I could use a new watch. Knowing the harmful effects of opening unsolicited email, I decided to open the email in a controlled virtualized environment. Below is the content of the email:

A T4g Heuer w4tch is a luxury statement on its own. Unfortunately, that luxury comes with a price... Except when you visit Prest1ge Repl1cas, the web's most comprehensive collection of brand name repl1ca w4tches. In Prest1ge Repl1cas, any T4g Heuer is available for just over $200. htxp://www.lagetyo.com
operation greendot following the spam - CA

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