IBM to spend $1.5 billion to improve computer security

IBM will spend $1.5 billion developing computer security products in 2008, a sum that could double the company's previous spending. $1.5 billion "is much more than we've ever spent," Val Rahmani, a general manager in IBM's services unit who is responsible for security programs, told The Wall Street Journal. The company would not say exactly how much it previously spent on data security, but analyst Charles King of Pund-IT Research said $1.5 billion could double IBM's typical spending on security research and product development, according to the Associated Press.

IBM issued a press release Thursday saying IT security is becoming more difficult because of collaborative business models, sophisticated criminal attacks and increasingly complex infrastructures. "For many enterprises, security is broken," Tom Noonan, general manager of IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS), said in a press release. IBM to spend $1.5 billion to improve computer security

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