How to remove AntiSpy Pro or AntiSpyPro (AntiSpy Pro or AntiSpyPro Removal Guide)

A computer becomes infected with the AntiSpy Pro, or AntiSpyPro, infection when a user installs a Trojan that is masquerading as a video codec required to watch a movie found on a web page. When the Trojan is installed, it will add a Browser Helper Object into Internet Explorer that hijacks searches you make on both Google and Yahoo. These searches will show alerts stating that you are infected and that you should install AntiSpy Pro to remove them. By adding these alerts to the search results of a prominent company they are trying to trick you into feeling that it is the search engine is stating you are infected, when in reality it is the infection installed on your computer. If you click on these alerts you will be brought to the AntiSpy Pro website in the hopes that you will download it.

While infected, you may also receive popups on your computer stating that you are infected or that there is a security problem. When you click on the popup they will also bring you to the AntiSpy Pro site.

If you do install AntiSpy Pro, the program will automatically scan your computer and display legitimate programs as malware. For example, in our test run AntiSpy Pro stated that a component of the Google Toolbar was considered malware. An image of this false positive can be seen below. This software is a scam and you should obviously not purchase it. How To Remove Antispy Pro Or Antispypro (removal Instructions)

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